Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It has been awhile

We have had somewhat of an unusual December. The first part of the month was spent as normal, shopping, baking, wrapping, sending out cards and attending parties. The week before we were supposed to leave for Oregon Kai came home from school with the flu!! Matt hurried and took him in the same night he came down with the symptoms and got him some tamiflu which worked really well. We were nervous it would one, rip through the rest of the family or two, Kai wouldn't be well enough to fly. Kai had to miss the last few days of school. Kaden got a killer cold a few days later but no flu. Matt came down with that killer cold the day before we flew. Yes, he flew sick. He was pretty miserable. The trip went off without a hitch this year which was wonderful. Just a loonnngg day. The day after we got here Kaden was having fun with his cousins, jumping on the trampoline and broke his leg! We are not quite sure what happened, we think someone may have jumped on his leg?? Anyway, he's in a cast and will be for the next 5-6 weeks. Merry Christmas to Kaden! The ER orthopedic doc that attended to Kaden was actually here visiting from Colorado Springs (checking the area out to see if he wants to move here). We just finished paying off Kai's $1,000+ arm now onto Kaden's bills. I have absolutely no pictures, I think I need a new disk. Mine keeps telling me it's full after just a few pictures are taken. Hope y'all had a Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

End of the year party

Kai's baseball team finished almost last this season but they sure got a lot of good opportunities to learn and grow and play new positions. Kai started hitting really well and got to play in field lots of the games (which he has never gotten to do before). His best friend, Hunter, totally rocked playing in field. It's fun to watch them progress. Their team party was held at the bowling alley at the Beach.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

"The things that make you go hmmmm"

The toilet in the kids' bathroom keeps getting clogged. If you have been following the blog for awhile you remember last year Matt had to take the toilet OFF the floor two different times because of flushed bath toys. I removed ALL bath toys from the tub and recently put a few back in. Every time the toilet gets clogged we ask Kaden what he flushed and then I count the bath toys. He always replies, "nuffing" and he's right, all the bath toys are accounted for. The other day it was just he and I home and the bathroom door was closed (he likes his privacy). It had been a little too long and it was too quiet. Kaden+Quiet=NO GOOD.
As I approached the door he yelled through it, "not yet mom", so I knew it couldn't be good. The picture tells all.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Land of the Lost

I don't know how I did it but I lost all the pictures we've taken over the past several months. Among them were our first camping trip (yes, we actually braved the FL wild life and took the kids camping) and Kai's 7th birthday that we celebrated at Animal Kingdom in Orlando. I hope one of these days they just magically reappear on the camera disk. We reached a monumental milestone with Kaden this week. He stayed dry overnight for TWO weeks so we took him out of pull ups at night. Can I just tell you how glad I am not to be buying any form of diaper anymore!!!! It was a big deal, he got to choose some new underwear (Star wars) and he is so proud of himself. Matt pulled his hamstring playing at the annual turkey bowl with other guys from church and had to miss Thanksgiving dinner. :( We had a nice time with all the family though (I took the kids over to his uncle's).
Now onto Christmas, "it's the most wonderful time of the year..."

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Boiled WHAT?

Living in the south is different from living out west and we have slowly become accustomed to new ways. Kaden's buddy, Suzie, LOVES boiled peanuts (yah, you read that right) and it wasn't until a baseball game last season I tried them. Yuck, soggy nuts! Well, my little Kaden has become a boiled peanut fan. His memories of baseball will be drinking "flushies" (slushies) and eating boiled peanuts with Suzie. I will just be thrilled when he learns to open them on his own because I don't like the juice that comes out on my fingers when I go to crack one open. Nuts should be hard and crunchy shouldn't they?
Something else about the south I thought was funny is they serve SWEET TEA everywhere you go. I am even thinking it's at Chipotle.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Character Parade

Instead of dressing for Halloween Kai's class was allowed to dress as a character from a book for school today. They had to be able to retell the story to their class. Kai chose to dress as "Pirate Pete" and Kaden went as a pumpkin from Pumpkin Town. We are going to spend the afternoon in Kai's class helping with the "fall activities". We had to go to the grocery store after we dropped Kai off this morning and Kaden would NOT wear his costume in the store because all the other people would be dressed in normal clothes.
The other day I had to go to a funeral so Kaden and I went dressed in "church clothes" to school. He about melted down because he didn't want the other kids to see him all dressed up. He's fine wearing church clothes to church but he knew the other kids wouldn't be in church clothes at school. REALLY, concerned what you look like and fitting in at age 3?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Camping in FL

Kai has been wanting Matt to take him camping since he missed the Father/Son outing due to his broken arm last spring. So Friday night Matt pitched two tents in the back yard. Kaden was fine until it was time to go to bed and then he wanted to come in and sleep in his own bed. Me, I slept inside in my comfortable bed with the a/c on. Matt stuck it out and slept out there with Kai. I like this camping arrangement.

Monday, October 19, 2009

A pocket full

I was sitting on the bleachers watching Friday night's game and I looked up and saw Kai fumbling with his pants. I got a closer look and he had what I thought was a whole back pocket full of sand. His favorite past time in baseball is to play with the sand in the outfield. When he played catcher, he'd bend down to pick up the ball and make sure he got a hand full of sand in the process. Anyway, I jumped off the bleachers, ran to the fence and hollered at him to quit putting sand in his pants. He got up to bat and ran around the bases with a sagging bum. When he came out to talk to me he was playing with a rock. I put two and two together, he had that BOULDER in his pocket the whole game! His coach caught him playing with it earlier in the night and had thrown it out of his reach. Apparently Kai decided he must have this treasure for himself. He was so proud of himself for thinking he pulled a fast one on coach and mom!!

We had team snacks on Friday night and Kaden was insistent that he help pass the snacks out to the team.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Swim lessons

The kids have been taking swim lessons for a few weeks now. Both kids are FISH, they love the water and are really pretty good swimmers already. Guess that comes with living in FL. Kaden is THRILLED to have a class of his own with Mr. Frank. I've even managed to get some laps in while the kids are swimming. It has been a LONG time since I've swam.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Kaden

A couple days ago I walked around the corner to find this...
When I rather loudly exclaimed, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" this was his quick reply, "I'm making a new boy. I'm making a new Kaden". I didn't realize there was a problem with the old Kaden.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Little Lizzy

For those of you non Floridians these little lizards are ALL OVER the place. I remember house hunting and being so freaked out because you just walk by the bushes and you hear them scurrying around, they cross your path as you go to walk out the door, they even wait for you on the mail box. It still kind of does freak me out when they get in the house but I have learned how to get them out. Well, since we have gotten the pool they love to sun themselves on the ladder (which we take out when the kids get out). I typically try and look at both sides, give it a little shake down before I put it back in the pool. Apparently I missed, little Lizzy, poor unfortunate soul, because the second the ladder hit the water I heard the flutter in the water. They are fast swimmers!!! A minute before these pictures were taken she was laying on her side with one front and one back leg sticking out of the water. Don't worry, I got her out with the net and freed her.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

First day of first grade

I have tried to post this entry now about 15 times!! Something keeps happening when I go to post pictures, ENOUGH ALREADY!
Kai started first grade this year. He was excited to discover some of his good friends from last year were in his class. Kai loves school and was anxious to start this week. Kaden had a complete melt down when he figured out he wasn't going to school this year. Next year buddy. I look forward to next year, Kaden will be in school 1/2 day and Kai all day. It will be the first time in almost 8 years I'll have some time to myself. Woo-hoo! Kaden and I have actually had a nice, mellow week together this week, it has been nice.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spikey Hair Kaden

If you are not "friends" with Matt on facebook you have not had the priviledge of seeing this great picture of Kaden yet. Matt and Kaden had some time alone last Friday night and this was the outcome. Matt fixed his hair and Kaden LOVED it. I feel like this truly gives you some insight into his personality.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

We had a very busy, fun filled day yesterday. We started out the morning by going out to breakfast with Matt's parents. In the afternoon we met and went swimming, came back to the house for a bbq and fireworks, then went to watch the big fireworks on the beach. I thought that was cool. First time in my life I've watched fireworks on the beach. Lots of people, lots of traffic and chaos but Matt's parents were troopers for hanging in there with the kids and I to go see the show. So Kaden can tell people his first "real" fireworks show was on the shores of the Atlantic ocean. Pretty cool!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kaden dresses himself

I know it has been awhile since my last post. I feel like since school got out I have been on the go every minute of every day trying to entertain the kids. Most of our days consist of some sort of water activity (pool, beach) other days free movies and trips to St. Augustine. Kai got his cast off 6 days after school was out thankfully. He has been a fish ever since.
As I was looking through our "summer pictures" I stumbled on this one of Kaden. I think Matt actually took it. It made me laugh so I had to share. No, he didn't go out in public looking like this. Kaden LOVES shoes and clothes and he likes to get himself dressed. He got the frog shirt from his Aunt Jaime for Christmas and would wear it every day if he could. In fact I recently purchased another one a size bigger at Gymboree because the one he got for Christmas was looking faded due to all the washing. I will post some other pictures soon of our summer adventures.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer time!

Much to my dismay Kai's kindergarten year ended on Friday so we are officially on summer break now. We have lived here a little over 3 years and are NEVER prepared for the heat/humidity that comes with each summer. We finally broke down and got a pool for the backyard a couple weeks ago. Kai still has his cast for a few more days, thus the garbage bag on his arm! :) He can't go under or get it wet still, it's just a precaution. He is counting down the days that he can go underwater and get his arm wet.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rainy Day Project

O.K., I am really getting brave. During the week and a half we had torrential rains I decided to take on yet another painting project, our spare room. I think I am getting this painting thing down. Now I need to get some pictures hung on the walls and decorate the room so it looks cute. The comforter set on the bed was purchased in UT like 12 years ago and has been with us ever since, time for a change!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kai's Kindergarten Program

Last week was Kai's end of the year kindergarten program. It was SO cute. I love kindergarten and am sad to see this year come to an end. He has learned a ton, made good friends and had the best teacher.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Up, up and away

Matt's brother, Nate, is an air traffic controller in St. Augustine. He invited us to a work party where the kids were able to tour an air traffic control tower and go for a ride in a cessna. They thought that was pretty cool. We had a lot of fun. Thanks Uncle Nate!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The cast

Kai got his cast put on yesterday at the orthopedic clinic. What happened to the days when you just went to the primary care doctor and they "did it all" there? From the time we left until the time we got home it was FOUR HOURS! Thankfully Matt was able to watch Kaden or I would've been a wreck. Kai did really well, they took more x-rays and then put his cast on. He chose ORANGE! At least it matches his Giants uniform. :) He can't play on the play ground equipment and is not supposed to go to P.E. I talked to his teacher today and I think I will send him with his DS so he has something to look forward to when the other kids are having fun. The hardest part of this all is keeping him down. He is dying to climb, run, play, jump! The doctor's office told me you can order something to go over the cast so he can get wet. We might have to do that! It's getting hot here and swimming is one of his favorite things to do.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Broken Arm

We have our first official broken arm in the family. We were at McDonalds last night with some friends and Kai jumped off the play equipment and landed "just right". I wasn't sure it was broken, but after an off duty nurse looked at it and said if it were her kid she would take him to the hospital Matt took him to the children's hospital down town. Initially there was a lot of crying but once he calmed down Kai has been a trooper through the experience. He has a temporary wrap on his arm and the orthopedic doctor can't see him until Monday to put a permanent cast on.
He will not be able to finish out the baseball season but we plan to be there to cheer the team on through the play offs.
We think when he gets the cast he will be in it for approximately 6 weeks (just in time for swimming season thankfully). It was his left arm which is good since he is right handed.