Saturday, January 30, 2010

"If it snowed in Jacksonville"

This paper actually melted my heart when it came home from school. We had a really good time in Oregon at Christmas time. The boys LOVED spending time with my family and there were lots of tears shed the night before we left and the morning we flew out at o dark thirty. I could hear Kai sobbing in the dark on the plane from Pendleton to Portland. Quietly sobbing though is an improvement over last year in the airport, "I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE PENDLETON" so everyone was staring at us. Meanwhile I was crying too and couldn't say anything. I think Kai was actually fully prepared to let Matt, Kaden and I fly back home this year and him stay and go to school with his cousins. Now he just tells me he wishes we could move our house and our yard to Pendleton.
Anyway, while we were there Kai and Grandpa Gailey built a "snow alien". Thus the paper from school.
Translation- "If it snowed in Jacksonville I would make an snow alien. I would lick snow when it falls from the sky."

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's off!

We are so happy, Kaden's cast came off today! It has actually gone pretty fast since the first two weeks he had it on we were in Oregon. At first he wouldn't put weight on it (he had me carry him out of the doctor's office) but just a short couple of hours later he realized he can still get around. We are taking him swimming at UNF tonight. We found him a wet suit on ebay (for when we go to the springs) for $6.70. As you can see he loves it and it fits him perfectly.