Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer time!

I thought when both my kids went to school this past year I would have all the time in the world. I spent a lot of it burning up the road between the two schools drop off and pick up times, 1/2 days, early release days, etc. It was so nice though! I got to go grocery shopping BY MYSELF, I started running in March (my plan is to make it to the Gate River Run next year), and I volunteered on the PTA and made some good friends. Here we are and it's summer again! I feel like when the summer hits it's way more intense for me than the school year. We go to the pool, the beach, the local water park and movies. This summer the kids started swim team and art classes too. What happened to just blissfully playing in the backyard?
Our ward recently split and we were reassigned to a new ward, The Atlantic Beach Ward. Guess what??? I am not in primary anymore. I have served in primary for about 15 years (across three states) so it was a total shock to me that I was put in as the Relief Society secretary (women's organization) and the visiting teaching coordinator. My summer has been BUSY trying to help get the Relief Society organized. I was super sad about leaving primary, I would still prefer to be there, but it has come more naturally to me than I thought it would to work with the women. It's an exciting time for us, starting a new ward in Jacksonville.
We planted our first garden this year which has been fun. We haven't had one since UT. A little harder here to grow but we got lots of tomatoes and hot peppers. The birds ate the strawberries, the cucumbers didn't grow, our watermelons are still growing.