Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Boiled WHAT?

Living in the south is different from living out west and we have slowly become accustomed to new ways. Kaden's buddy, Suzie, LOVES boiled peanuts (yah, you read that right) and it wasn't until a baseball game last season I tried them. Yuck, soggy nuts! Well, my little Kaden has become a boiled peanut fan. His memories of baseball will be drinking "flushies" (slushies) and eating boiled peanuts with Suzie. I will just be thrilled when he learns to open them on his own because I don't like the juice that comes out on my fingers when I go to crack one open. Nuts should be hard and crunchy shouldn't they?
Something else about the south I thought was funny is they serve SWEET TEA everywhere you go. I am even thinking it's at Chipotle.